Albany Contradance

We are so excited to dance with you again!

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Albany Contradances are held every second and fifth Friday of the month, September through June, in the large ballroom of the Albany Elks Lodge, located at 25 S Allen St, Albany, NY. Dancing starts at 8pm, with a beginner lesson at 7:45pm. Now is a great time to be a beginner! Please share this event with anybody who may be interested, regardless of experience level! Contra dancing has its roots in English country dancing, and may feel familiar to square dancing.
As we’re living in a world with covid-19, we will have a number of precautionary measures in place:
    • For our fall dances (Sept-November) we are moving to a new, more flexible covid policy. As long as the level of hospital admissions in Albany and Rensselaer counties is low or medium on the Monday before the dance, we require all participants to either:
      • Wear a mask, or
      • Show proof of vaccination, or
      • Show proof of a negative rapid test, taken the same day as the dance.
      Participants only need to fulfill one of these requirements. The exception is if one of the counties shows a high level of hospital admissions on the Monday before a dance, then all participants will be required to wear masks for that dance. 
    • Masks will be required for all dances December through February.
    • We request that if you have symptoms, please stay home.
In partnership with the DFO, we would like to remind all attendees that consent is vital to a safe and inclusive dance experience. Be polite when asking for dances, gracious if rejected, and always ask before trying to dip, lift, or twirl your partner. If someone at the dance causes you to feel uncomfortable, please speak with an organizer or Safer Spaces Ambassador, who will be wearing a button. More information can be found at

Albany Contra uses the calling terms Larks and Robins.

In our ever-continuing work to welcome more people to the dance floor, we are implementing a sliding pay scale. Please plan to pay what you comfortably can, from $8 for those that need extra communal support to $25 for those who are able to give our newly reborn dance a financial boost.
You can also support the series by purchasing one of the new Albany Contra Dance T-shirts!  Help us plan the order by indicating your interest on this form
Contact us with any questions at We are so excited to dance with you again!