About Us

The DanceFlurry Organization Inc. (originally the Hudson-Mohawk Traditional Dances, Inc.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and inspiring people through traditional music and dance.

Our job is to help, inspire, educate, enable and protect our traditional dance and music legacy. Grants are available to help organizations sponsor traditional music and dance events.

In July 2006 the organization’s Board held a retreat to focus on our mission and core values. More about the history of the DFO.  As stated in our Bylaws:

[The] DanceFlurry Organization is a nonprofit educational organization which is dedicated to the preservation, study, teaching, enjoyment and continuing evolution of American and international traditional and historical dance, music and song. Its mission is to present and promote live traditional music and dance and to expand participatory dancing opportunities in the Capital region.

Our core values are:

  • support traditional music and dance from diverse cultures;
  •  create community by encouraging social interaction;
  • present dance as a healthy, educational, creative, and fun experience;
  • develop the talents of local musicians, dancers, and instructors.

We act as a catalyst for individuals and groups who want to develop traditional music and dance events in our region.  We support local traditional dance organizations with:

  • startup money and expertise for new dance series;
  • emergency support for dance events that are having difficulty;
  • assistance in enabling a smooth transition of leadership positions;
  • ongoing assistance through financial support, marketing and encouragement.

In addition to the annual Flurry Festival in Saratoga Springs, NY, the organization sponsors numerous year-round activities in the Capital-Saratoga region: several types of monthly dance series, Workshops, Scholarships, Educational programs in schools and other organizations.

We are a 501(C)(3)tax-exempt organization, and are registered with the Charities Bureau of the State of New York Office of the Attorney General.

For more information, see Our Board, Financial Information, By Laws, or DanceFlurry Organization Culture of Consent 2023. If you have any questions you may Contact Us