DFO Annual Newsletters

DFO newsletters from past years include a variety of topical articles and a snapshot of the organization overall.  

2007 DanceFlurry Organization News:  President’s Message, by Bill Matthiesen; Interview with Paul Rosenberg by Don Bell; Keep On Swingin’ by Joshua Fialkoff; Can’t We All Just Dance Together? by Audrey Seidman; Book Review by Don Bell: Dancing In the Streets: A History of Collective Joy by Barbara Ehrenreich; A Brief History of the Adirondack Dance Weekend by Peter Stix; New Contra Dance in Glens Falls by Bill Schwarz; 2008 Flurry Festival –What’s Up? by Peter Davis; Contra Dancing in Costa Rica by Emil Jarczynski

2008 DanceFlurry Organization News: President’s Message by Bill Matthiesen; Service Award Presentations; Patti Melita —Shooting Star, Local Hero by Don Bell; Images of the Flurry by Lawrence White; The Realm of the Possible by Peter Davis; Rueda de Casino: The Cuban Salsa Wheel; by Kerri Vaughn; The Value of Volunteering by Bill Matthiesen; A Treasure Trove of Dance by Judith Fiore

2009 DanceFlurry Organization News:  DFO Web Site Upgrade; Interview with Peter Davis; DFO Committee Reaches Out; Starting a New Contra Dance; Tennis Ball Massage;  Board News;  Upcoming DFO Events

2010 DanceFlurry Organization Newsletter:   DFO News and Notes; How I Got Started; Looking Back With Bill Matthiesen; Flurry Festival 2011 Performer Highlights; Making Connections Behind-the-Scenes; Keepers of the Dance; A Sound-sational Experience; DFO’s New President: Jen Brown; Meet the New DFO Board Members; Who’s Who With the Dance Series

2011 DanceFlurry Organization Newsletter:  President’s Message, Jen Brown; What’s Coming up at the 2012 Flurry; An Uplifting Feat: The Great DanceFlurry Floor Project: Festival Memories; The Flurry Roots Band: A History of the Festival Finale; The Flurry Festival: Growing Better Year by Year

2012 DanceFlurry Organization News:  The British Were Coming! [to the Adirondack Dance Weekend]; DFO YO!; For the Love of Dance: Bob Henshaw; Debut of the Firefly Solstice Ball; Cecil Sharp and the ECD Revival in America; Dancin’ Tunes and Data; In the Swing of Things; Festival Floor Project Update; New Parting Glass Contra Series; Dance with the DFO Year Round; What’s in Store at the 2013 Flurry Festival; Thanks to DFO Board Members

2013 DanceFlurry Organization News – Annual Appeal:  News and Appeal:  Celebrate, Community, Build, Support, Connect

2014 DanceFlurry Appeal-Member DriveFestival Plans, Grant Programs, Name Change, Organizers

2015 DanceFlurry 2015 News and Annual Appeal:  Festival Plans;  Grants for Mission Accomplished, Saratoga Springs High School Fiddle Club trip to Scotland, RISSE program for refugee women; new events

2016 DanceFlurry Organization News – Annual Appeal:  30 Years of the Flurry Festival; Grant projects

2017 Dance Flurry News and annual appeal:  News and Annual Appeal

2018 DanceFlurry Organization News Appeal:  News and Annual Appeal