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2023/24 Flurry Festival Marketing Manager

The application window is now closed. Those who submitted applications will be contacted for followup.

The Flurry Festival Marketing Manager is a full-year, part-time independent contractor position overseeing and producing publicity and marketing materials for the Flurry, a 3-day participatory festival of traditional dance and music taking place over President’s Weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY. Learn more about the festival at www.flurryfestival.org.

The Marketing Manager works in conjunction with the Administrative Manager, Program Curator, Technical Manager, and Administrative Assistant to produce the festival, and coordinates with members of the volunteer planning committee doing related work. Responsibilities including creating/coordinating print, online, and social media, doing press outreach, and oversight of graphic design, sponsorships, and ads. This position operates throughout the year, with the vast majority of work occurring between September and February. Work can be done remotely.

The key responsibilities of the Marketing Manager are listed below. Compensation offered will depend on skills and experience, ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 for contract work between June 1, 2023 and May 31, 2024. Familiarity with the festival or the traditional dance and music world is a plus. Applicants should forward a resume and letter of interest to info@danceflurry.org by May 31, 2023. Questions regarding the position can be submitted to Shira at slove@danceflurry.org and Will at President@danceflurry.org.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

1) Work within annual budget for marketing

2) Develop timeline for and implement a marketing and publicity strategy for the Flurry Festival, including:

  • Management and oversight of graphic design (Optional: may be self-produced for an additional stipend)
    • Assessing graphic design needs and participating in selection of designer
    • Communicating deadlines and monitoring graphic design progress
    • Providing design elements to committee members and managers who need them
  • Coordination, scheduling, printing, and distribution of print advertising including poster, flyers, and postcards
    • Coordinating distribution of print media with DFO administrator (postcards, flyers), Outreach committee (posters/flyers)
    • Providing media to regional/national Street Teams for placement at other events
  • Management of social media content
    • Create/maintain content calendar
    • Create content and post to Flurry page – news, updates, information, performer promotion
    • Manage paid advertising on social media
    • Provide content for cross-posting and coordinating with partners
    • Monitor page/posts and respond to questions and comments as needed
    • Acquire assets and copy from graphic design, program curator, and administrative manager as needed  
  • Analyze performance of marketing activities and recommend adjustments as needed

3)  Manage all press outreach and inquiries:

  • Create press releases in conjunction with Administrative Manager
  • Distribute press releases to Discover Saratoga, print media, radio, and/or television throughout NY/New England and surrounding areas, as well as to the Street Team
  • Provide copy for or directly update https://www.flurryfestival.org/about/press
  • Arrange/conduct print media, radio and/or television interviews
  • Listings for local and topical online events calendars 

3) Oversee sponsorships and ads for the festival:

  • Coordinate sponsorship outreach with members of Fundraising Committee and Planning Committee
  • Communicate with existing sponsors about sponsorship options for current year
  • (Optional) Identify and solicit new corporate & individual sponsors
  • Coordinate with sponsors to include branding on appropriate materials
  • Oversee the Committee member soliciting corporate & individual advertisers
  • Coordinate with others as needed:
    • Other managers regarding pricing and placement
    • Bookkeeper & Treasurer regarding billing and payments
    • Administrative Assistant and/or Graphic Designer regarding placements and design
    • Fundraising Committee regarding sponsorship solicitation
    • Provide or request updates as needed to https://www.flurryfestival.org/sponsors-advertising/ 

4) Coordinate with others around marketing tasks, including delegation of relevant responsibilities

  • Administrative Manager: timing and copy for emails and website updates (produced by Admin Manager)
  • Photographer and/or content creator(s): request/obtain and use/archive content as appropriate
  • DFO Administrator: coordinate on bulk postal mailings; possibly also materials for DFO dance series
  • Administrative Assistant and Ads Coordinator: oversee design and publication of program book/sheet
  • Administrative Assistant or Graphic Designer: design and publication of printable festival schedule
  • Graphic Designer: design of key images featured on social media e.g. Instagram account  and FB event “cover” images with dimensions tailored to each platform
  • Treasurer: accounts for paid advertising on social media, billing and collection for receivables (sponsors, ads, etc), payments to vendors requiring a credit card or paypal, reimbursements
  • Program Curator: performer publicity
  • Festival Sales: provide graphic design to Committee member coordinating t-shirts and other merchandise
  • DFO Outreach Committee: provide materials to university-based Street Teams
  • Administrative Manager/Crew Chief: provide materials to the Street Teams volunteer crew (PR teams in various communities) 

5) Participate in regular committee/manager meetings and respond to communications in a timely fashion

6) Other related tasks as needed