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DanceFlurry Organization Board Meeting

DanceFlurry Organization bylaws provide guidance for participation at Board meetings:

Members are welcome to attend meetings of the Board and to participate in discussions on matters before the Board, but without a vote on matters before the Board.

[O]nly those persons whose membership is paid for the current year will be members in good standing.

We request that members wishing to attend DFO Board meetings notify the president at president@danceflurry.org at least the day before a board meeting. Members wishing to bring an issue up to the board should notify the president at least a week in advance of the meeting date.

If you have questions about your membership, please contact flurryadmin@mindspring.com.

Note that DanceFlurry event organizers are always welcome to attend board meetings and bring issues up before the board.  Please let the president know about your attendance so that we can accommodate you in our agenda.

Meetings are usually held at Shaker Heritage Society, 25 Meeting House Road, Albany, NY 12211.  The site is across from the Albany airport.


25 Meeting House Road, Albany, NY, USA