Carpooling for Local Swing and Contradances

If you attend/want to attend the local Albany Contradance or 1st Friday Swing dance, you can now join a Google Group for each of those dances to arrange your own carpools!

If you have a Gmail account, you can ask to Join the Google Group for that event at:




Or Search for them at at

under “DFO Swing Dance Carpooling” and “DFO Contra Dance Carpooling”

You will have to click the box that says “Ask to join group” as shown here:

Once approved, you can Post your request/offer for a ride

The groups are for those who would like to carpool to swing or contra dances sponsored by or affiliated with the DanceFlurry Organization (local, non-Flurry events). DFO does not organize and is not responsible for carpooling arrangements. Group members are responsible for arranging their own rides and assessing the comfort and safety of their carpool arrangements.

If you don’t have a Gmail account or have trouble finding/joining the group, just email and we’ll add you directly.