Carpool Pilot


The DanceFlurry Organization (DFO) loves supporting all sorts of traditional music and dance events in our communities. We consider these to be a great outlet for fun and healthy activity for all ages, genders, race/ethnicity, disability, and other individual factors. While many of our participants have been coming to DFO events for a long time, we want to make sure we are an open and inviting space for anyone to try out traditional music and dance. As such, we would like to decrease the transportation barriers by encouraging carpooling amongst participants.

People often wish to carpool with other participants to get to DFO events, but what if you don’t know anyone there yet? We are piloting an initiative to see if carpooling to DFO events is helpful so…

If you would like to attend the Albany Sacred Harp singings in Schenectady, NY on Saturdays from 1-3:30pm and would like to carpool with someone, you may:

  • Post to the Albany Sacred Harp facebook group (join by answering the membership questions);
  • Write to the group organizer on their website;
  • If you do not have access to these methods, as a back-up option you may email or call 518-992-5590 and leave a message. 

Your information will be shared with the regular singers who can reach out to you if available for carpooling. DFO is not involved in arranging carpools and assumes no responsibility for transactions between drivers and riders, so please include the best way to get in touch with you in your communication, and ensure you are comfortable with all arrangements before accepting a ride.