Administrative Manager Job Description

2022 Flurry Festival Administrative Manager Job Description

[Download this document: 2022 Administrative Manager job description]


The anticipated services for which the Administrative Manager is being contracted are the planning and production of a Flurry Festival in Saratoga Springs during Presidents Weekend (“the Festival”), including all the associated administrative and logistical tasks referred to in this Exhibit. Should such an outcome not be feasible for reasons beyond the Administrative Manager’s control, the provided services may be considered to be one of the following: production of an alternate version of the event, a fundraising project, or another project agreed upon by the contractor and the DanceFlurry Board to represent the mission and intentions of the Organization. If a project of comparable scope and responsibilities is not feasible within the contracted year, the Organization and the Administrative Manager may negotiate a reduction in the contracted compensation commensurate with the actual intellectual and/or material work product produced.

Authorizations: The Flurry Festival Administrative Manager is authorized to act on behalf of the DanceFlurry Organization for the following tasks:

  • Negotiating the arrangements and signing contracts with Hilton and City Center, in conjunction with Board/Treasurer
  • Negotiating the arrangements and signing contracts with vendors other venues
  • Signing contracts with performers
  • Ensuring that W-9s are collected from performers and vendors, arranging with Treasurer or Bookkeeper for timely payments to performers
  • Purchase of items and incidentals as aligned with approved budget

Key Responsibilities: Administrative Manager has overall responsibilities for:

Logistics – the Administrative Manager is responsible for reservations, contracts, deposits and scheduling and conducting ongoing meetings and communications including:

  • With all members of Flurry planning committee
  • Determining ticket pricing structure in conjunction with other managers
  • Overall year-to-year, multiple mid-year, pre-, and post-festival meetings with festival venues (including Hilton Hotel, City Center, Parting Glass, Caffè Lena, etc.) and Saratoga business and civic leaders
  • Overseeing Performer Contracts
    • Review performer database information
    • Coordinate revision of contracts with Festival Administrative Assistant and Program Curator
    • Coordinate sending and receiving of contracts
    • Coordinate with bookkeeper to collect W-9 forms from performers
    • Transmit performer pay requests to bookkeeper, timely with due date
    • Collect sound contracts from Flurry Technical Manager
    • Transmit sound tech pay requests to bookkeeper, timely with due date
    • Coordinate with Program Curator to clarify performer questions
  • Oversee Hilton housing block
    • Obtain performer housing information from Program Curator to share with Hilton
    • Manage the Hilton housing block for committee members, sound professionals, and others who need Hilton housing or special accommodations
  • Arrange Flurry venue insurance in conjunction with the DFO Administrator
  • Setting up ride sharing board
  • Setting up Hotel Rebate Program in Coordination with Saratoga Convention and Visitors Bureau (collection will be responsibility of Bookkeeper or DFO Treasurer)
  • Overseeing any administrative needs with respect to hybrid (virtual/onsite) programming for the festival

Oversight of and accountability for the planning and production of the festival, in partnership with other Festival Managers and Festival Committee:

  • Develop the Festival budget in conjunction with the other managers and Board representatives
  • Leadership of the management team for innovations in or adjustments to festival elements that are advantageous to the attendee and volunteer experience, improve festival finances, or which further the mission of the event
  • Coordinate regular meetings with the other managers to develop the budget, plan and organize the current festival, address needs and issues as they arise, and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Coordinate with Festival Administrative Assistant on any necessary tasks
  • Develop, manage, and update a written list and timeline for completion of key tasks, in conjunction with other managers
  • Monitor ongoing manager communication and the progress of festival planning to ensure that tasks are completed on schedule. Coordinate problem-solving or remediation if necessary.
  • Report as warranted or requested to the Board of Directors on festival progress and developments. Bring any needs or complications to the attention of the Board.

Oversight of the Festival Planning Committee:

  • Ongoing assessment of committee staffing and resources, including:
    • Ensuring all necessary crew chief and subcommittee positions are filled
    • Ensuring crew chiefs have a clear description and understanding of their responsibilities, and the resources available to fulfill them
    • Facilitating optimal use of volunteer assets in terms of knowledge, skill, availability, and investment
  • Replacement and/or training of key staff/volunteers as needed
  • Arrange locations for regular meetings and the pre-festival walk through of City Center & Hilton Hotel
  • Scheduling and conducting regular meetings with planning committee to:
    • Ensure the managers’ plans are understood and carried out
    • Help solve problems and consider committee member suggestions
    • Regularly assess progress of each individual committee and help where and when needed
  • Oversight of Volunteer Database in conjunction with Committee Member & Database Manager to ensure volunteer registration opens on time, and applications are approved in a timely manner.

In addition, the Administrative Manager will work with: 

  • City Center and Hilton staff to set up all facility needs and conduct final walk through and review of facilities and specific needs just before the Flurry, including: planning and reviewing all Banquet Event Orders (BEOs), set up for every room, food, vendor layout, rearrangement of furniture, planning locations for access, etc.
  • Festival managers, committee, and DFO Board  to assess each year’s event and consider changes/improvements needed

Run the Festival: 

Immediately pre-Flurry and at Festival, be available to answer questions. Respond to communications in a timely manner, with consideration to the urgency of the matter.  During the Festival, coordinate with the other managers and committee members to ensure coverage for emergencies via the Snowflake phone.  All managers shall be available during the Festival, although it is understood they may leave the site for meals, to visit offsite venues, or for other festival related activities.

If no Festival is possible: 

If a Festival is not possible, the Administrative Manager shall lead the planning and production of an alternative event(s) or fundraising campaign.


Desired Skills: 

  • Leadership-oriented – ability to assess the strengths and needs of a team and provide resources for success; accountability for project outcomes
  • Organization – ability to develop and monitor timelines and coordinate multiple projects among different groups of contributors
  • Communication – develop strong working relationships, with clear expectations, among management team and Festival Committee
  • Attention to detail and timeliness in all aspects of tasks
  • Comfort with shared spreadsheets and other project-managements tools
  • Flexible time management – ability to address festival-related needs when and as they arise


How to Apply: 

Candidates are invited to submit a letter of intent, resume, and references to Noel Kropf at Questions may also be directed to Confidentiality is assured. For consideration, applications must be received April 22, 2022. A background check will be required for the selected candidate.