Enjoy dancing and playing music with us?

Bring your dance floor energy and enthusiasm to the table as a member of a great group of folks working to make sure these events continue.

 The DFO invites you to join the Board of Directors for the upcoming term starting on June 1, 2020.  In addition to recruiting new board members, this year the Board is proposing to re-organize the duties of the President.  Our activities have expanded over the past decade, with more dances and special events, new grant programs, and new efforts at outreach.  In order to structure a more reasonable work load, we are proposing to change the President’s title to Board Chair and to add an Administrative/Operations Chair. More information is at the end of this notice.

The Nominating Committee is looking for committed individuals to support the activities of the DanceFlurry Organization which include not only providing dance events around the Capital Region year-round but, just as important, undertaking outreach activities and providing support for other organizations offering dance and music events so that we can build the next generation of DFO participants and supporters.

The DanceFlurry Board is an active one, and members are expected to work on at least one committee in addition to attending board meetings.  The following is a brief description of what your “job” as a board member would involve:

  • Contribute to the DFO’s mission to “present and promote live traditional music and dance and to expand participatory dancing opportunities in the Capital Region.”
  • Serve for an initial three year term.
  • Attend Board dinner meetings between September and June, usually held in Albany or Troy, lasting 2-3 hours.
  • Initiate and sponsor actions or ideas that will contribute significantly to improving the quality of programming and ultimate success of the organization.
  • Serve on a committee and/or take an active leadership role in a dance series sponsored by or affiliated with the DFO. Committees are chaired by a Board Member, but may also include general members.

A list of committees with descriptions follows along with a list of current board members and staff.  The DFO has a bookkeeper who manages all fiscal tasks and a CPA who does our tax returns.  The DFO also has an Administrator, who handles many of the day-to-day details, such as insurance, mail and invoices, membership and donations, production of DFO materials, some publicity, board administration, etc.  For more information, and to review the DFO By-Laws, please check the website.  The DFO-sponsored and DFO-affiliated events are listed below.

So that we can share the information with the Board and our membership, please answer the following questions about your interests and skills (not more than 2-3 paragraphs).

  1. Are you currently involved with any Dance Flurry Organization activities?
  2. Do you have any organizational or prior Board experience, professional skills, or relevant interests you would bring to the DFO’s operations?
  3. Which specific program or organizational goals would you personally like to promote with the DFO, and what ideas might you have to further those?
  4. On which standing committee would you be most interested in participating?
  5. How much time per week or per month could you spend on DFO work?

Please assist us in this selection process by sending your responses to these questions to by April 4, 2020.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 518-692-8612 or  Elections will take place at our annual meeting on a date to be determined in May, 2020.

We are looking forward to the next year of work and successes.  We appreciate your taking the time to assist us with the important work of building a strong board.

John Guay, President



Committees are very important to the organization’s mission and goals.  Current committees include:

  • DF YO! (DanceFlurry Youth Outreach) – with the use of an annual budget, both the DF YO! and the Program Committees work with groups outside the DFO who have proposed dance programs or events and need help with organization and/or funding. The DF YO! Committee grants help other organizations present events for youth and the developmentally disabled that include traditional music and dance.  Events funded so far include dances for a YMCA, elementary schools, and an organization providing training and mentoring to teenagers transitioning from foster care; and support for a fiddle club to study traditional music in Ireland.  The DF YO! Committee also provides Flurry Festival scholarships.
  • LIAISON – provides support to our dedicated and hard-working dance and event organizers and facilitates increased communication with the board.
  • MEMBERSHIP – seeks to enlarge financial support and involvement in our DFO activities by cultivating a special relationship with our membership; plans special promotions and activities designed to bring in new members as well as expand a continuing dialogue with our current supporters; coordinates our annual membership drive each fall.
  • OUTREACH – generates ideas for bringing the DFO message into the community.  Members organize and participate in existing events like farmers markets or health fairs or holds special one-time dance events to attract new dancers.  Outreach also provides a calendar of dance events; oversees DFO websites, outreach to new audiences with an emphasis on bringing in younger dancers; builds broader public awareness of dance & music events in the region to increase participation and also to pave the way for fund-raising to support these events.
  • PROGRAM – helps dance organizers get new ventures for adults and the general community off the ground with practical support as well as ideas from other experienced organizers; comes up with ideas for new events which will bring in younger dancers and create a broader awareness of dance and music activities in our region. Funding from the committee has supported events such as a swing dance at a state park, lessons in traditional dances for refugee women, workshops and dances co-sponsored by the Albany Blues and Soul and Grand Street Arts Center which are promoting blues and swing dance to a diverse audience, and drumming workshops.
  • WEBSITE AND PUBLICITY The DFO updated our website this year and has undertaken a new initiative to increase and improve our use of social media to spread the word about our activities.

DFO also has several standing committees –

  • NOMINATING Committee, which develops a slate of new board members each year;
  • BUDGET Committee, which develops budget priorities for board review and approval;
  • FINANCE Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, to track the organization’s income and expenses and to keep the DFO solvent.

In addition to recruiting new board members, this year the Board is proposing to re-organize the duties of the President.  Our activities have expanded over the past decade, with more dances and special events, new grant programs, and new efforts at outreach.  In order to structure a more reasonable work load, we are proposing to change the President’s title to Board Chair and to add an Administrative/Operations Chair.  The following is a DRAFT description of the PROPOSED break down of the two positions.   

The Board Chair (CoB) will serve as the executive leader of the organization’s board of directors, which has ultimate governance responsibility for the non-profit. As the leader of the board, the chairman is the strategic leader, advises the program, develops fundraising strategies and also serves as the primary public face of DFO.  He or she will have oversight of special events.  The CoB has influence over organization strategy, budget, hiring and firing but the board of directors has final say.

Duties of the Board Chair (CoB) will be:

  1. With the A/OC and DFO Administrator, choose dates for regular board meetings.
  2. Call regular or special meetings of the Board or membership as needed with and without input from the A/OC.
  3. Choose topics for the Board agenda after consulting with A/OC, contractual staff, committee chairs, organizers, and liaisons.
  4. Preside at meetings. Push for resolutions of proposals to enhance meeting productivity.
  5. Advisor to the board.
  6. Directs strategic planning to guide the growth and overall function of the organization.  Formulates policies for the board to consider.
  7. Researches background on topics to consider and under consideration by the board and its committees or assigns someone else.
  8. Financial and physical resource manager.
  9. Chair of the Budget Committee.
  10. Chair of the Outreach Committee.
  11. Primary responsibility and guide for fundraising initiatives.
  12. Marketing and promotion.
  13. The CoB is encouraged to be cognizant of major activities of all committees as some may be results of CoB actions and suggestions or expose issues that would fall within other defined CoB duties.
  14. Primary oversight of affiliated dances and of the Adirondack Weekend and Flurry Festival events.

The Administrative/Operations Chair will manage the contractual staff and day-to-day operations of the nonprofit, including oversight of the local dance series. He or she is responsible for making tactical decisions required for meeting the goals set by the board.

  1. Implements plans approved by the Board and guides ongoing operations.
  2. Works with CoB on financial and physical resource management.
  3. Member of the Budget Committee
  4. Appoints Chairpersons of standing or special committees, except as otherwise noted. Follows the activities of the committees. Recommends new committees, if necessary, or closing of existing committees. Committee existence to be voted on by the Board.
  5. The A/OC shall be considered a member of all Board committees and can regulate his/her own involvement in committee activities.
  6. Primary oversight, with support of Liaisons, of local dances sponsored by DFO.
  7. Carry out any other necessary duties incident to the office of Administrative/Operations Chair.

DanceFlurry Organization Sponsored & Affiliated  Events

Flurry Festival

Cajun/Zydeco & Swing Dances
Albany First Friday Capital Swing Dance
ALBS (Albany Lindy & Blues)
Cajun and Zydeco Dance
Saratoga Savoy Diamond Dance

Contra, Community, & Family Dances
Adirondack Dance Weekend
Albany Contradances!
Albany Contra Fest
Buhrmaster Barn Contra Dances
Clifton Park Contras
Family Dances
Hubbard Hall Community Dances
North Berkshire Community Dance
Old Time Community Barn Dance
Tri-City Folk Dancers
Troy Barn Dance Experience

English Country Dances
Adirondack Dance Weekend
Capital English Country Dances
Rensselaer English Country Dancers
Stockade Assembly
Troy English Country Dance Workshop

Capital District Megaband
Albany Sacred Harp Singing

DFO Board Members

John Guay, President
Melanie Axel-Lute, 2nd Vice President
Rich Pisarri, Treasurer
Mark Berman, Secretary
Will Anderson
Barbara Bemis
Karyn Dornemann
Ken Fisher
Cindee Herrick
Lauren Keeley
Kristen Lilkas-Rain
Shira Love
Harry Pisila
Juliana Post-Good
Patricia Stephens
Peter Stix
Sandy Waxgiser

Board Members, Emeritus
Jen Brown, Past President
Bill Matthiesen, Past President
Pat Melita, Founding Member
Paul Rosenberg, Founding Member

Staff (Contractual)
Lisa Allendorph, DFO Bookkeeper
Vonnie Estes; DFO Constant Contact PR
Tamara Flanders; Flurry Festival Administrative Manager
Jonathan Greene, Flurry Festival Program Manager
Ian Hamelin Flurry Festival Finance Manager
Jim Mead, Flurry Festival webmaster
Sue Mead, Flurry Festival Administrative Assistant
Josh Snitkoff, Flurry Festival Technical Manager
Lorraine Weiss, DFO Administrator