Enjoy traditional music or dance?

Want to support a community arts organization that is keeping multicultural traditions strong?

Bring your energy and enthusiasm to the table as a member of a great group of folks supporting and promoting a range of music and dance events in the Capital Region of NY.

The DanceFlurry Organization (DFO) invites you to join the Board of Directors for the upcoming term starting on June 1, 2022.  Nominations information is below.

The Nominating Committee is looking for committed individuals to:

1. Work with an extraordinary group of event organizers who plan and present dance and music events around the Capital Region year-round (a list of events is below);

2. Plan and present outreach activities and provide support to other organizations offering dance and music events so that we can expand and diversity participation and build the next generation of DFO participants and supporters; and

3. Collaborate with other board members, volunteers, and our community to continue to work on policies and built capacity to maintain a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at all DFO-sponsored events.

The DanceFlurry Board is an active one, and members are expected to serve on at least one committee in addition to attending board meetings. The initial term of service is three years. Board members have access to training. The following is a brief description of what your “job” as a board member would involve:

● Become a DFO member (memberships begin at the $15 level)

● Attend monthly Board meetings, usually held weeknight evenings and lasting about 2 hours; currently taking place virtually via Zoom although we anticipate in-person and hybrid meetings later in the year. In-person meetings are often held in Albany.

● Maintain email engagement for Board and committee business between meetings

● Serve on at least one DFO committee

A list of committees with descriptions follows, along with a list of current board members and contractual staff. Our events are run by volunteer organizers, under the supervision of the Board. The DFO-sponsored and DFO-affiliated events are listed below. The DFO bookkeeper manages all fiscal tasks and a CPA does our tax returns. The DFO’s Administrator handles many of the day-to-day details and assists with publicity. For more information, and to review the DFO By-Laws, please check the website,

So that we can share the information with the Board and our membership, please answer the following questions about your interests and skills (not more than 2-3 paragraphs).

1. Are you currently involved with any DanceFlurry Organization activities? If not, what interests you about serving on our Board?

2. Do you have any organizational or prior Board experience or professional skills you would bring to the DFO’s operations? Do you have any interests related to DFO activities?

3. In what ways might you contribute to the DFO’s program or organizational goals?

4. Can you commit to regular attendance and participation in Board/committee meetings, and ongoing engagement through email or other digital media?

Please assist us in this nomination process by sending your responses to these questions to by April 14, 2022. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Elections will take place at our annual meeting of the membership in May, 2022. We are looking forward to the next year of work and successes. We appreciate your taking the time to assist us with the important work of building a strong board.

Shira Love, DanceFlurry Organization President

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DanceFlurry Committees currently include standing (or Board) committees and organization committees.

Standing committees

Budget & Finance Committee, which reviews and recommends event budgets for Board approval, brings financial concerns or considerations to the Board, and tracks the organization’s income and expenses;

Executive Committee, comprising the officers of the Board: the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary;

Nominating Committee, which develops a slate of new board members each year and conducts onboarding.

Organization Committees

Program Support — works with groups outside the DFO who have proposed dance programs or events and need help with organization and/or funding. An annual budget provides Program grants for community events and DFYO! (Dance Flurry Youth Outreach) grants to support events for youth and the developmentally disabled.

Liaison – Each series or event has a board liaison, who provides support for event organizers and facilitates communication with the board.

Community Culture — works to create an environment of comfort, safety and inclusivity at all DFO events by developing policy and guidelines, and training for organizers and participants.

Membership – Seeks to build and engage with DFO membership; and recruits and maintains a volunteer pool for organizational needs.

Outreach – Builds broader public awareness of DFO activities by participating in events like farmers markets and health fairs, or hosting special music, dance or educational programs.

Media – Monitors and updates information and communications through our website, social media, and newsletters.

DFO Sponsored & Affiliated Dance Series & Events

Flurry Festival

Cajun/Zydeco & Swing Dances
Albany First Friday Capital Swing Dance
ALB (Albany Lindy & Blues Exchange)
Cajun and Zydeco Dance
Saratoga Savoy Diamond Dance

Contra, Community, & Family Dances
Adirondack Dance Weekend
Albany Contradances!
Albany Contra Fest
Buhrmaster Barn Contra Dance
Clifton Park Contra
Delmar Family Dance
Hubbard Hall Community Dance

English Country and International Dances
Adirondack Dance Weekend
Capital English Country Dance
Stockade Assembly
Tri-City Folk Dancers

Music and Singing
Albany Sacred Harp Singing
DFO Megaband
West African Drumming & Dance

DFO Board Members

Shira Love, President
Will Anderson, Vice President
Noel Kropf, Treasurer
Marie Bruschi, Secretary

Barbara Bemis, Ken Fisher,
Rindle Glick, Cindee Herrick,
Lauren Keeley, Jordan Knicely,

Kevin Musick, Rich Pisarri,
Juliana Post-Good, Harvey Raufman,
Jessica Schatzel, Amanda Stickney,

Peter Stix, Sandy Waxgiser

Board Members, Emeritus

Jen Brown, Past President
John Guay, Past President
Bill Matthiesen, Past President
Pat Melita, Founding Member
Paul Rosenberg, Founding Member

Staff (Contractual)

Blair Davenport, Flurry Festival Marketing and Fundraising Manager
Kristoph DiMaria, Flurry Festival Technical Manager
Vonnie Estes, DFO Constant Contact PR
Jonathan Greene, Flurry Festival Program Curator
Jim Mead, Flurry Festival Database Administrator
Sue Mead, Flurry Festival Administrative Assistant
Josh Snitkoff, Flurry Festival Administrative Manager
Lorraine Weiss, DFO Administrator