HeartsEase (Band)


Web Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HeartsEase-an-English-Country-Dance-band/118982161465032

HeartsEase is a unique musical group from New York's Capital District, specializing in instrumental, acoustic  English country dance music. The band performs in an elegant but playful way, improvising harmonies and counter-melodies to beautiful tunes from the 17th century up to the present. 

Since 1999, HeartsEase has played for the monthly dances in Troy, New York. They have also performed music for dancing and listening at other social occasions (fairs, weddings, parties, concerts, etc.) around the region.  They can play modern, Baroque and Victorian music, as well as wearing appropriate costumes.

The musicians in HeartsEase are Diane Bell on fiddle, Vonnie Estes on piano, Marilee Urbanczyk on pennywhistle and percussion, Patricia Kernan on flute and clarinet, and Gail Griffith on concertina.  Gail has also taught and called traditional English, American, and Welsh dances to people of all ages and levels of experience, for over thirty years.

Area: Capitol District

Phone: 518-674-3052


Styles: English