Volunteer for DFO

We are very grateful to all our volunteers for their generous contributions of time and talent in support of the DanceFlurry organization's mission.

Volunteers are the life-blood of the Flurry Festival and the year-round dance scene in the Capital District. Come take a spin on the floor with us and share the excitement of keeping traditional music and dance alive in our community.

To become a volunteer during the Flurry Festival weekend, go to the Flurry Festival volunteer page.

Positions currently available on the Flurry Festival Committee.

To become a volunteer for the DanceFlurry Organization and dance series events, see below.

The DanceFlurry Organization is always looking for dependable volunteers. Join a committee, take on a project, or just let us call you for special events. We can promise that you'll meet wonderful folks, gain new insights and have a great experience.

Your hands-on support helps us in many ways:

  • While you hang out, you tell us what you think, and this helps us do a better job.
  • You tell us what you know; you bring your knowledge, ideas and circle of contacts, expanding our reach.
  • Your time is valuable! We document the volunteer hours for critical matching funds to foundations and government agencies.
  • And of course, we get more done with fewer dollars spent.

Become a Flurry Festival Weekend Volunteer