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Just What Is Contra Dancing? by Rich Futyma Contradancing, also known as New England style country dancing, is related to square dancing, but has a rather different feel more...

Albany Contradances!
Buhrmaster Barn Contra Dance
Capital District Megaband
Cifton Park Contra Dance
Shaker Heritage Contra Dance


If you seen any Jane Austen films, you’ve had a glimpse of this graceful dance form that appears in many of her novels including “Pride and Prejudice”. English Country dancing is easy to learn and highly social; you get to dance with a lot of different people and don’t need a regular partner. more ..., Elements of English Country Dance, Video of Mr. Beveridge's Maggot - from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"

Bruce Hamilton's presentation Temptation and Sin

Capital English Country Dancers
Day of Dance
Rensselaer English Country Dances
Stockade Assembly

Family & Community

Community dances and family dances are occasions to connect to the old traditions of group dancing as a delightful social activity for people of all ages, whether or not they have ever danced before. These dances are fun, easy, celebratory: they bring people together in a joyful way. Family dances are specifically designed for children and their parents and other family members to engage in together. Community dances have a general focus on simple, enjoyable dancing for all; families are welcome at a community dance, too.

Albany Shindig!
Delmar Family Dance
Hubbard Hall Community Dance
Old Songs Community Dance
Old Time Community Dance


Adirondack Dance Weekend
Albany Contra Fest!
Albany Lindy & Blues Exchange
Flurry Festival


Albany Lindy & Blues strives to promote lindy hop and blues dancing in the Capital region. This is accomplished by workshops throughout the year and "exchanges" or large dance weekends that bring live bands and out of town dancers into the area. Today Lindy hop and blues are danced around the world and we hope you'll consider coming out to learn them with us!

Albany First Friday Swing Dance
Diamond Dance